Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger

Back in May I reviewed the Whiplash Whopper. Yet I wasn't sure if reviewing food was a good fit for the blog. At least that burger was a tie-in to a superhero movie. I wrote this second review a few weeks after that one but I kept from posting it until now, when I'm short on ideas to write about. Unfortunately I screwed up the timing. Carl's Jr. seems to have stopped spotlighting the Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger. I popped into a Carl's and I was able to confirm that they are still serving it.

The Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger at Carl's Jr. consists of beef patties (either single, double or Six Dollar Burger size), two strips of bacon and melted Swiss and American cheese between two pieces of grilled toast. The description of the sandwich is probably enough for most people to decide if they want to try one. You're either left excited or disgusted. I've always liked grilled cheese sandwiches so I fell into the former group.

I ordered a single patty burger but they accidentally gave me a double instead. I saw this as a sign of good fortune rather than balking at a sandwich even more excessive than the one I had planned to eat. Before reviewing the burger I already tried the single patty Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger and while I liked it, I didn't love it. The Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger is very cheesy. The cheese overwhelmed the meat to the point where I wondered why Carl's Jr. didn't just drop the meat and sell traditional grilled cheese sandwiches instead.

The double patty Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger fares much better. It's a very filling burger and you get a good balance of beef and cheese. I'm not sure if the bacon really adds anything, because like all fast food bacon it's very thin and light. I also really liked the bread. It's just a nice change up from the usual bun.

It's somewhat embarrassing to admit I ate this and enjoyed it. More than once even. Maybe that's why I kept from posting this for so long. It's decadent to be sure, and if you can learn to live with the shame of eating one I recommend it. If you can still find it, that is. So should I continue reviewing food? Should I change the name of the blog to A Mouthful of Foodstuffs? AMOF?

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The Mandie Char Chars said...

It's still a fistfull of suck, but that suck just goes into your mouth too.