Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween Stuff

I wrote previously about beginning to see Halloween goods at various stores. Most of the time I just see bags of candy, which isn't exciting unless I'm eating them. But I am seeing more decorations, costumes and accessories now.

Target was still in the middle of shifting their seasonal display from back-to-school to Halloween. So there was a lot of Jack-O-Lanterns sitting next to backpacks, but most of the shelves were just plain empty. The stuff they did have wasn't much to write up about.

Based on the signage they had up, it seems Target isn't going to have any sort of character tie-ins like in recent years. I hope that doesn't stop them from carrying more Halloween Domo plushies. I do like some of the characters Target does have even if they lack recognizability.

I've seen these Trick or Treat drawstring bags before. They lack the magic of McBoo pails but for a candy carrying conveyance they seem pretty useful. They're obviously meant as a classier alternative to walking around with a garbage bag or a pillow case. This one at Target is actually labeled as a pillowcase. Does that mean I can put it on a pillow and sleep on it? I'm a toss and turner so I imagine I'd end up with drawstrings whipping in my face.

Oh and there's a Star Wars licensed version. Of course there is.

The "Halloween editions" of snacks and cereals are showing up in stores as well. I have no idea what the orange bits in these Chips Ahoy are. Probably M&M-type hard candies. Or maybe just colored chocolate chips. Either way their presence make these Chip Ahoy a little more magical than your average Chips Ahoy.

The only flavor of Cap'n Crunch I'm a fan of is Peanut Butter Crunch but I was tempted give Halloween Crunch shot. It has shapes covered in sprinkles, which isn't all that impressive or Halloween specific. It does however turn milk green and that's unquestionably great.

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Gabriel said...

I want the what looks like giant sized Chips Ahoy and Halloween Crunch. Also I updated my blog finally.