Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Of Samuai Rangers and Things In 3D

  • The Star Wars movies are being converted to 3D. The first to be released will be The Phantom Menace in 2012. No specific dates have been set beyond that. We've been hearing about 3D versions of Star Wars since way before people actually cared about 3D. In that time span I went from not really caring to not really caring. I'll probably go anyways. It's still Star Wars on the big screen.

  • Here's everything you wanted to know about the Nintendo 3DS. In addition to the new 3DS games it can play original DS games and downloaded games. It has WiFi functionality, three cameras, a new telescoping stylus, and a SD card port. It will launch in Japan on February 26th and in the U.S. in March. No word on North American pricing but if it's close to the Japanese price it'll be $300.

  • Here's an article on the design process for the cover art of the Criterion edition of The Night of the Hunter. I found it fascinating and would be willing to read similar articles for every Criterion release.

  • The new season of Power Rangers has an official name and it's Power Rangers Samurai. It was rumored to be called Power Rangers Samurai Strike which isn't a great title, but simply calling it Power Rangers Samurai sounds a bit off. The official site has cast photos, character bios, and a general plot description. We still don't know when it's premiering except that it's sometime in early 2011.

  • The Hub, the new cable station that's a collaboration between Hasbro and the Discovery Channel, is set to debut October 10th. New shows G.I. Joe Renegades and Transformers Prime aren't scheduled yet but the classic '80s G.I. Joe and Transformers cartoons will air on weeknights. The Hub will also be airing Batman Beyond and Men In Black: The Series for those of us nostalgic for late '90s era Kids' WB.

  • Would you like to have an innuendo filled song from a children's cartoon stuck in your head all day? No? Too Bad.

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