Thursday, September 9, 2010

The September Slow Down

  • So here we are in September. The year goes by way too quickly. On the plus side I'm slowly seeing Halloween stuff trickle out to stores. Ever since I graduated elementary school September has become not a whole lot more than something I have to endure to get to my favorite holiday.

  • Here's something cool, an art print of business cards for fictional companies. I recognize all but two. Well technically three, but it doesn't take a starfighter engineer to figure out where Seinar Fleet Systems is from.

  • One of the greatest video games of all time is being re-released. Well technically it's a collection of four games, most of them great. Super Mario Bros All Stars is coming to the Nintendo Wii, but only in Japan. It contains the first three Super Mario Bros. games originally released on the NES. It also includes Japan's version of the second game, The Lost Levels which is an exercise in masochism. The re-release is in celebration of the Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary and comes with a book and CD that spans the entire series. I had the original for the Super Nintendo and I hope this Wii version gets a U.S. release.

  • There's still no word of a North American release of Inception on DVD and Blu-ray but it's already being solicited internationally. The Digital Bits has news of a limited edition briefcase set which includes cards, a booklet, and a spinning top. I think it's a pretty cool set and I liked it see it get released over here, maybe as a store exclusive.

  • [adult swim] is airing new episodes of Bleach. Having avoided any spoilers I was a little disappointed to see the new episodes start with a filler arc. I was okay with seeing a side story dealing with the Soul Reapers, but in last Saturday's episode with Ichigo dealing with his wacky new neighbors it dawned on me that this storyarc is a complete break from the ongoing Arrancar arc. I've watched a lot of anime with a lot of filler in my time, but I've never seen one that stopped in the middle of a story to tell a completely different story. Where does this new arc take place then? Immediately before the Arranacar arc? Does it even fit into continuity at all? I'll keep watching but this is pretty weird.

  • SyFy began airing the final episodes of Naoki Urusawa's Monster. That wouldn't be news except that SyFy stopped airing the series with only a handful of episodes left to go. The last two episodes air on their Ani-Monday block September 13th. I'm looking forward to the finale. I hope it wraps everything up in a satisfying way. The show has really kicked into high gear as it's gotten closer to the end.

  • Pictures of a stunt double filming in costume for the Captain America movie have appeared online. The costume does seem to be based on the design revealed earlier. It's not looking too hot as a physical outfit but what we're looking at is likely a specialized stunt outfit for motorcycling. The Nazi bikers are looking cool though.

  • I've never written anything on the blog about X-Men: First Class (somewhat intentionally) but check out this pic of January Jones as Emma Frost. The costume looks awesome and I'm all for retconning the version of Emma seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. January Jones is most famous for playing the world's worst mother on Mad Men.

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