Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beyond the Pail

Many moons ago, McDonalds restaurants offered McBoo pail Happy Meals. They came with your food served inside and then you could use them for your trick-or-treat ventures. For some reason that was really exciting as a child. Now McDonalds is currently selling a pair of Mr. Potato Head themed trick-or-treat pails. I bought both. I've done worse things out of unchecked nostalgia. How do they stack up with the McBoo pails of old?

There's only two, a green one with a Jack O'Lantern handle and an orange one with a skull handle. Each pail comes with a sheet of stickers with "Potato Head" parts to dress up the potatoes pictured on the side. I'm not really into the stickers but I shouldn't be since none of this is aimed at me to begin with. I would have preferred a plastic lid over the sculpted handles, like the old pails. But one aspect they definitely share with the classic McBoo pails is that they're way too small for any practical trick or treating. I remember having to learn that the hard way.

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