Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breakfast Burger

Remember the Good Morning Burger from The Simpsons? Well Carl's Jr. sells it. Except instead of ham there's hash browns. And there isn't as much cheese and bacon. And it's not as huge. And it hasn't been buttered. Okay so it's as reasonable of an approximation of the Good Morning Burger as society will currently allow. And it's called the Breakfast Burger.

I do want to stress that this is a hamburger- a cheeseburger to be specific. It's made with ground beef, not ham or sausage. It's not served on a croissant or a an english muffin, but a standard hamburger bun. And it is served in the morning for breakfast. I'm guessing it's existence is due to Carl's Jr. not wanting to develop too many new products for their breakfast menu, so they combined some existing ones.

The bun, beef patty, and cheese taste the same as the what you'll find on the typical Carl's Jr. burger. I'm assuming the bacon is the same as the kind used in the Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger. It stands out more in the Breakfast Burger. The scrambled egg is decent but nothing special.

You can sort of tell from the pictures that this burger is very ketchupy. This is the most ketchup I've seen pre-applied to a restaurant burger. My guess is they needed a condiment that would mesh well with the egg and hash browns. I sometimes add a it of ketchup to my burgers anyways and it still stood out to me. I didn't really mind overall but I certainly wasn't expecting it.

The most unusual item are the hash browns. They're the same hash browns that Carl's sells as a side item. It's a lot like when you put french fries in your burger when you were a kid. I like Carl's hash browns. By themselves the hash browns are warm and crispy, but as a burger ingredient they taste soggier. They've probably absorbed a lot of ketchup.

It's a very moist burger. It's also sweet and savory. To be honest the best thing the Breakfast Burger has going for it is that's it's a burger served for breakfast. I like the idea of getting a burger in the morning if I want to. I'd probably be just as happy with a normal burger but this breakfastafied version is an interestng variation. I wouldn't eat the Breakfast Burger on a regular basis, but it's a nice to have something different once in awhile.

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