Friday, October 15, 2010

Comic Book Movie News

There's been a lot of news lately about several superhero comic projects.

Meanwhile at the Fortress of Solitude... Zack Snyder is set to direct the new Superman movie. I was surprised as Snyder has said he's not really a fan of comic books beyond the ones he's already adapted into movies. I don't dislike Snyder's work but I have apprehensions about this movie. I do hope he reels in some of his trademarked sped up and slowed down sequences.

Snyder is still working on Sucker Punch so we probably won't be hearing much more about the movie for awhile. We know it's not going to be connected to the previous movies, which I think is a good thing. David Goyer has written script with Clark Kent traveling the world deciding if he should be Superman. Frankly that sounds like the worst aspects of Smallville amplified.

Warner Bros. is legally obligated to make a Superman movie before a certain point or they'll lose the rights. So we are getting a Superman, regardless if it's good, bad, or rushed.

Meanwhile at the Batcave...We're finally getting some news on the next Batman movie. Tom Hardy has been cast in the movie, but it's not known what he'll be playing. I won't bother trying to recap the entirety of the internet's rampant speculation. Watch him not even play an established character from the comics. Remember the Anthony Micheal Hall as Deathstroke rumors? I'm sorry if you do.

Hardy was in Inception so this continues Christopher Nolan's tradition of working with the same actors. People were banking on Nolan getting Joseph Gordon Levitt to play a role. I guess Nolan threw them a curveball.

Meanwhile at the Daily Bugle...The secondary roles have been cast. Emma Stone has been cast as Peter Parker's love interest, Gwen Stacy. Sony continues their strange behavior while casting the actresses for Spider-Man movies. Emma Stone is a redhead. More importantly her screen presence just seems a better fit for Mary Jane than Gwen Stacy. I was annoyed when I read the news. Now I'm less annoyed but only when I'm not directly thinking about it.

Rhys Ifans has been cast as the villain, Curt Connors a.k.a. The Lizard. I have to feel sorry for Dylan Baker who played Connors in the last two movies. Not getting to become the Lizard must suck, but for the Lizard to be the villain in the very next Spider-Man movie is like salt in the wound.

Meanwhile at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters... Whlie X-Men: First Class is currently filming, Fox is already preparing the next X-Men movie.

Darren Aronofsky is close to becoming the director of the Wolverine sequel. He's been trying to get into the hero genre for awhile now. He's tried to make Batman: Year One and the Robocop remake. I think Aronosky is a great writer and director (granted I haven't seen The Fountain) and he'd be an interesting choice for a Wolverine movie. Last we heard the movie was about Logan in Japan and perhaps crossing paths with the Silver Samurai.

If Wolverine 2 gets made it will be the sixth X-Men movie. That's a lot of mutants. I think it's appropriate considering the vastness of the X-Men universe.

And what about beyond that? Stephen Lang is rumored to play Cable. I would love for that to happen. Ryan Reynolds has said he wishes Cable would be in the Deadpool movie. You've screwed up a lot of things Fox, but all is forgiven if you can make a Cable and Deadpool movie starring Lang and Reynolds.

Meanwhile as Bill Bixby walks away with sad piano music playing... Apparently a new Hulk TV series is in development. I was a bit surprised at the news but I guess if it worked before they think they can make it work again.

There's also a Cloak and and Dagger TV series being developed. Huh. I can see why they think a Cloak and and Dagger show would work. I'm assuming it would be about super-powered teen runaways fighting drug dealers. But still, Cloak and Dagger?

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