Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Soon Approaches

We're in the last week of October which means Halloween is approaching fast. So let's enjoy the season while it lasts.

Over a decade later and Ghostface from Scream is still a costume staple, but it's profile has certainly diminished. Maybe Scream 4 will be able to revitalize it next year. In the meantime there some new variations on the original for sale. There's a "scarecrow" version made of burlap that confounds me. Who would choose to wear burlap? Than there's the zombie mask which I think looks pretty cool. It's silly in concept but as you can see it's more like a "weathered" Ghostface.

I don't know thing one about Yahtzee but this Nightmare Before Christmas set is the coolest Halloween related tchotchke I've seen all season. The dice roller is in the shape of Oogie Boogie's head and the dice themselves are based on the dice Oogie uses in the movie.

I had forgotten why I took this picture. I think I thought it looked like the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. I don't know why. What do you think?

I thought these were cool. They're bobble-headed candy containers for only a dollar. I think the Rite Aid where I saw these was already sold out. Things are disappearing from shelves and to my detriment in one case.

Drug stores do seem to go all out for Halloween. My local Walgreens is decorated better than most people's front lawns. Look at that giant cat. And there's floating corpse things in the background. That's part of why I dig Halloween. You go to places like this and see cool stuff that you would never see any other time of the year.

Walgreens also had some Freddy and Jason merchandise. As I've written in the past, I'm all for the marketing of '80s slashers to families everywhere. I particularly liked the shrunken heads which were sort of strewn about the store.

Remember what I said about Oogie Boogie Yahtzee being the coolest thing I've seen? I might have to take that back. These wind-up toys poop out candy. I love Halloween.

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