Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reveal of the ThunderCats

At the UK Toy Fair someone from the ThundercatsLair forum took some photos of Bandai's booth. This is our first look at characters and Bandai's toyline. The pictures are blurry and it's hard to make out what exactly is pictured. There are 3.75" figures, a ThunderTank, and a Sword of Omens role-playing toy. I think I see a playset in one of them, but a playset of what? The Cat's Lair hopefully? There's going to a 20 cm line od classic ThunderCats figures as well. Really all of this just makes me look forward to the U.S. Toy Fair next month so we can get more details.

I really like the new character designs. Lion-O has a boyish face. I wonder if he's still been rapidly aged in he new series. His outfit looks like they took the look of his leotard from the original series and made it armor instead. The Claw Shield is now metallic, instead of fuzzy. Cheetara looks great. I love her hair ..amongst other notable attributes. I dig Panthro's mutton chops and his number of scars. I don't know if he had to quite as big though. Tygra seems to have been altered the least physically but his new costume is the most radical departure from the originals.

Probably in reaction to the unforeseen reveal, Warner Bros. released their own official image. It gives us a better look at Tygra's front (and Cheetara and Panthro's backs). The promo image is quite brighter than the photographed banner. I'm not sure which is more reflective of the actual animation, though the difference isn't that significant.

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