Thursday, January 27, 2011

Canceled Action Figure Cavalcade: Men In Black The Series

I've been watching Men In Black: The Series on the Hub lately. I was a big fan of the show when I was a kid. The Worm Guys get a ridiculous amount of screentime but otherwise I think it holds up pretty well. I'm disappointed it never got any toys.

Toysite, the toy company that failed to release those Nintendo toys, previewed Men In Black: The Series action figures at the same Toy Fair. We may never find out just what happened with Toysite. If it were just the Nintendo figures that evaporated I'd chalk it up to a falling out with the licensor. But how do you explain the Men In Black stuff also getting canned?

Of course Toysite's line would have included figures of Agents Jay and Kay. Kay was to come with what looks like a projectile launching gun and Jay with an over-sized version of his Noisy Cricket with silencer. They were also to come with little pack-in aliens, evoking memories of Kenner's Real Ghostbusters figures.

Jay had an additional figure planned, with an alien disguise for Jay to wear.

There were also figures planned of a large red alien that I don't know the name of.

And the series' recurring villain Alpha. Well one of his forms anyways.

The Worm Guys were in a four-pack with coffee cups and a thermos. Unfortunately I couldn't find close-up pics of them.

The coolest piece of Toysite's lineup is the proposed MiB headquarters playset complete with the Twins working at their console. I would have liked to have seen these toys produced and even more beyond that. Agent Elle and a Zed figure to sit at his desk in the playset come immediately to mind. It's such a missed opportunity.

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