Saturday, January 15, 2011

DCUC Rehashes I Want

I've created a list of DC Universe Classics action figures that I wish Mattel would produce. However because I like to aim low this isn't a list of brand new figures I want Mattel to make. That would be a much longer list. These are figures that have been made before but I want to see tweaked with a new deco or headsculpt. There are a couple of others, such as a lighter blue Superman and Detective Batman without the black on his mask, that I don't have a whole lot invested in but I still think Mattel should release.


The Penguin was part of the first wave of DCUC figures. I passed on it partly because the face was too ugly even for the Penguin. I also didn't care for the orange vest and purple pants, but I'd give the figure second chance if they re-release the suit in different colors. The most obvious alternate deco would be one based on Penguin’s Super Powers figure, but I'd also like to see a figure of Penguin's white suit. But the deco I'd most like to see is one based on the not movie-remotely-movie-accurate Batman Returns action figure. I know there's no way that would happen but hey I can dream.

Here's some pictures for reference:

Sinestro in Sinestro Corp Uniform

Man what kind of an egomaniac Sinestro must be to name a Lantern Corp after himself. Sinestro's first pair of figures in DCUC wave 3 were aggravatingly undersized. Mattel has recently released a taller Sinestro in a two-pack with Hal Jordan, but that Sinestro is wearing the classic blue costume. I'd rather have an unstumpy version of the character wearing his yellow Sinestro Corp uniform.

Harley Quinn

Harley was first released in wave two with a blue paint wash on her face. Paint washes are a tricky thing. Sometimes they really bring out the details in a sculpt but in this instance (and others where I've seen blue used on a white base) it did not look good. She should get a re-release with a plain white face.

Since I'm making requests anyways, how about a new headsculpt for Harley? There’s nothing wrong with the existing one but I always liked the way the way Jim Lee drew Harley in Hush with the tips of her jester hood being longer and droopier.


Of all of my requests this is the one least likely to happen. Mattel released a modern Supergirl in the DC Superheroes line and re-issued it in a DCUC two-pack. I want a modern Supergirl figure but not that one. It's not an entirely bad figure. I just don't like the face. It's a bit too mannequin looking to me. I wish they'd give her a new headsculpt. A new Supergirl figure is on the horizon but it’ll be of a different version like the headband sporting Supergirl from Crisis on Infinite Earths or her V-neck and hot pants wearing Supergirl from the Seventies. I think the modern Supergirl ship has sailed.

Cassandra Cain as Batgirl

I actually don't care if they alter this figure. I just want it re-released so I could actually have a chance to buy one!


The DC Superheroes Two-Face was is another from that line I wanted but never so much as saw in stores. Mattel released a repaint of Two-Face in Silver Age colors. I like that version even better. Problem is that it was only available in a boxset with four figures I have no interest in. If they should get around to producing any of the figures on this list I hope Mattel doesn't package them with other toys I don't want. It's a plea doomed to fall on deaf ears.

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