Monday, January 10, 2011

On Ice

  • As the world knows by now Star Wars is coming to Blu-ray Disc. It's coming this September in a nine disc boxset of the complete saga for $139.99 MSRP. There will also be separate three disc sets for the prequel and original trilogies for $69.99 each. I think it's better to buy the complete set for the bonus discs. That being said I'm not positive I'll be buying any of these sets. I'm holding out until we learn more details about what's being included. There isn't even an exact release date yet.

  • Speaking of Star Wars, new episodes of The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network resumed on Friday night. The first episode felt very different from what had come before in this season. We seem to be moving away from the ponderous senatorial deliberations and into a really exciting direction. There are events that happen in the latest episode that forward the overall plot of the series greater than anything we've seen before in a single episode. Still I'm a little wary of them delving too deep into the mythology. I'd prefer some thing to stay mysterious.

  • What do Jason Bateman, Alyssa Milano, Mr. Belvedere, and the Super Mario Bros. have in common? They're all a part of the most insane show ever preformed. ON ICE.

  • Concept art for Captain America's Red Skull and the Cosmic Cube is online. Don't click on the link if you don't want to be spoiled. I'll just say it looks good to me.

  • One subject I considered featuring on Canceled Action Figure Cavalcade was Godzilla: The Series, the animated continuation of the 1998 movie. The disappointment of the movie killed the chances for the series' toyline. Well an article on Sci-Fi Japan has taken a far more in-depth look at this toyline than I ever could have. I highly recommend it.

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