Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twenty Eleven

So 2010 ended. How was your year? Mine was actually pretty decent. I've been busier though and I haven't worked on the blog as much. I made 112 posts this year which is way less than the 183 I made in 2009. This is where I would make a resolution to do fix that but I can't do that. I promise nothing! But hey have a nice 2011.

  • Toys R has an exclusive Green Lantern movie preview action figure up for pre-order. It's a four inch figure with a numbered base and what I assume is a wearable ring. It's pretty pricey at $24.99. There's also a six inch Tomar Re that's been auctoined on eBay. That character design looks like a rubber chicken in green spandex.

  • Jedi Temple Archives has an article about which figures from the vintage Star Wars have yet to be receive an update in the modern line. To me the most fascinating part is the gallery that compares the vintage figures to their modern counterpart. I love seeing these types of comparison shots, especially with the figures from the last few years. Some characters that haven't had a figure since the Nineties could use a new one.

  • Apparently there's an animated Tron series in development. Hey I totally dug Legacy so I'll look forward to this. There's a lot of animated series with built-in geek appeal coming next year. There's a new Voltron, Thundercats, Young Justice, Transformers Prime, the CGI Green Lanern, Ultimate Spider-Man and that's just off the top of my head. Is the new Ninja Turtles show coming next year? Man I kind of liked the fact I was watching fewer cartoons. I almost started to feel like an adult.

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