Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toy Fair 2011: Follow-up

I started writing this back when Toy Fair didn't already seem like an eon ago. I finally got around to completing it. Pics are from ASMZine.com.

It looks like the 5" vinyl Super Mario line is getting Princess Peach and King Koopa figures as well as a rainbow of Yoshis. While I'll be happy to see these characers get made I wish the character selection went a little deeper. Waluigi is getting a keychain but dangit he deserves more.

I don't know if Diamond Select couldn't afford the likeness rights to Bela Lugosi or if they just weren't available, but man their Dracula figure really suffers for it. The Toy R Us exclusive version has a facial expression that kind of hides it but it still looks more like a generic vampire.

One of the bigger surprises of Toy Fair was NECA's Gremlins line. NECA first releases Gremlins figures eight years ago. They said they had plans for more and it looks like they're finally happening, likely thanks to the reissues from the last year. And it's stunning how dedicated NECA seems to be with multiple Gremlins and Mogwais from Gremlins 2 including the amazing Spider-Gremlin.

Frightening. For many reasons. I guess it'd be silly to criticize Gargamel's scale in relation to the Smurfs but holy crap is that one huge cat.

I think Bandai is doing pretty well by their Power Rangers Samurai line. Everyone got caught off guard by the Mega Rangers figures but that got smoothed out when it turned out those suits are actually in the show. Now figures of the Ranger's standard costumes are coming so everything worked out.

The figure in the foreground on the left is Captain America based on Captain America: The First Avenger. The other figures are based on the comics. It's to Hasbro's credit that even Captain America wearing a winter coast looks like a decent toy. I guess Hasbro didn't receive reference material to make more stuff from the movie. Maybe they'll have more at Comic-Con.

The Thor line on the other hand is a proper movie toyline with several characters represented as figures. Still it would have been nice to see some comic-based Thor figures. See, even I'm ungrateful. Toy companies just cannot win.

A DC Universe Classic Crime Syndicate set? Awesome. And it's a five pack with only a single repeated character, but it's a character that was only available in an online exclusive set and in a different outfit so even that is forgivable. For some reason though Power Ring and Johnny Quick are the silver age versions and the rest are the modern versions. Mattel just can't do anything without being weird somehow.

Jakks Pacific's Pirates of the Caribbean figures have skeletal bodypaint that appears when exposed to what I think is blacklight. I've already seen them in stores and thanks to "Try me" packaging I can vouch that they work. I don't know what the story behind the feature is though. I think it represents the characters' zombie forms or maybe they're just Misfits fans. Jack Sparrow is totally punk rock.

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