Friday, February 11, 2011

Toy Fair 2011: It Begins

Well not really. It officially begins on Sunday. And Hasbro has their event the day before on Saturday. But in the past week companies have shown off a lot of early stuff in anticipation.

Batman Legacy: The craziest pre-Toy Fair news to me is the discovery of a new Batman Legacy line by Mattel. Information was posted at the blog Idle Hands which has been a reliable source. Now a new Batman line isn't surprising. I just wasn't expecting it to be announced until Comic-Con with the toys hitting shelves just before The Dark Knight Rises is released, mirroring how Green Lantern Classics was handled.

The crazy part is the accompanying images. They're pictures of fans' custom figures and some blurry photoshopped images. Now it's not so out of the realm of possibility that these are legit. Mattel has used fanart in their presentations without the artist's permission. (And it's not as bad as Shocker Toys displaying products that were actually customs using an different companies' molds.) The purpose of Toy Fair is to sell products to retailers. These might just be mock-ups to give an idea as to what the toys will eventually look like.

I do hope Batman Legacy is on the level because I want these figures. I didn't even know I wanted Golden Age Batman and Joker figures but now I do. The only thing I take issue are the two-packs. I like the idea of Mattel produced Arkham City figures and continuing the Movie Masters line this way but it seems like we'd have to buy several Batman figures to get any non-Batman ones.

Thundercats: Bandai has released a decent selection of images of the line including classic Lion-O and Tygra figures. Both look great to me. Here's hoping they show off more classic figures at Toy Fair, particularly Cheetara and Mumm-Ra. I also like the designs for the new series. I'm curious to see the six inch figures based on the new show.

Surprisingly Mezco is also producing Thundercats toys. They've revealed a large scale Lion-O. It should be interesting to see what else Mezco has planned for the Thundercats.

The Walking Dead: McFarlane Toys will be making toys based on The Walking Dead. The first series is based on the comic book series and includes the the katana wielding Michonne. Series two will be based on the AMC TV series. It's been some time since McFarlane has done someting I might be interested in. I hope they knock this one out of the park.

Transformers: Earlier this week Hasbro released a bunch of pics of Transformers Prime toys. There's even toys of the kids on the way. I wonder how they'll balance Prime with Dark of the Moon. The show's already in full swing so it'd be nice if there wasn't still months to go before the toys are released.

As for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the most recent reveal is of Sentinel Prime and the Ark which are most likely the Transformer and spaceship seen in the teaser trailer. And then there's the Optimus Prime with trailer that he can combine with. This is probably the form we saw Optimus rocking in the Super Bowl spot.

Hasbro has the coolest new toy in the form of their Robo Power Cine-Masks. They're masks of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee with RealD-3D glasses built in. That should add some extra fun to the movie's opening night.


Gabriel said...

*In Darth Sidious' voice* Good. Gooood.

Anonymous said...

Actually all of Shocker Toys figures were on their own body systems and that was shown in all the coverage. You may need some new glasses or contacts.

Anonymous said...

Obviously they're talking about way back when they were on customs from other companies.

Geoff, we know it's you. Why be "anonymous."

See most companies don't show prototypes for the same product at 3 consecutive Toy Fairs in a row. Obviously they're talking about the last time you trotted out some crap to collect more preorders.

Shocker Toys seems like a lame ass ponzi scheme.