Monday, March 14, 2011

Anticipated Blu-ray Discs 2

It was a year ago today that I wrote about some movies I wanted to see released on Blu-ray disc. Amazingly a large amount of the titles I mentioned ended up being released in the past year including the Alien Anthology, the Back to the Future Trilogy, the 1933 King Kong, Seven Samurai, the theatrical cut of Grindhouse and Disney’s animated Alice in Wonderland.

In addition to those the Star Wars Saga, Citizen Kane, and the original Tron have all been announced as coming this year. That’s amazing. So what titles from last year's article are left.

Jurassic Park - It hasn't been officially announced but the rumor is it's coming soon. Hopefully sometime this year.

Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair - There's been some major recent developments concerning this one. Tarantino will be screening the complete cut at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles beginning at the end of the month. Supposedly this will be more than just Vol. 1 and Vol.2 edited together. O-Ren Ishi's origin story features newly animated footage. I think some kind of home video release for The Whole Bloody Affair will happen soon enough.

Suspiria - Dario’s Argento's Inferno comes out on Blu-ray at the end of this month, but what of Suspiria? I think the Weinstein Company has the rights and they might be sitting on them until the remake gets off the ground.

The Rocketeer - It's an obscure adventure title from the early Nineties, but I was the right age to be a fan of it when it came out. Since then the film has developed a nice cult following. I think the Rocketeer stands a chance of being released on Blu-ray, especially if Disney tries to capitalize on the film's director putting out another WWII era superhero movie this year.

Super Mario Bros - Much of what I said about The Rocketeer applies here as well except Mario Bros lacks a cult following. Actually it’s pretty widely derided. I enjoy the movie out of nostalgia and in an "I can't believe this movie even exists" sort of way. I don't know if there are enough people out there who feel similarly to warrant Mario Bros getting a Blu-ray release. But if the Van Damme Street Fighter is on Blu-ray release then I can't completely give up on Mario Bros.

Disney Classics – There are certain movies expected to be released as part of the Diamond Edition line and others which do have the same guarantee. Last year I wrote about Aladdin and Dumbo, the latter of which did get a Blu-ray disc just not in the U.S. The outlook has improved with Disney releasing animated classics that are not considered Diamond Editions including the recently announced The Fox and the Hound. And Fantasia was not labeled a Diamond Edition which leaves room for Aladdin to be a part of the line.

Studio Ghibli films – I mentioned Princess Mononoke and Only Yesterday by name in the previous article, but I'd love to see all the Ghibli films come to Blu-ray. One that just came out is Nausicaä. It was released in Japan first, and I think that's the key to how the Ghibli films will be distributed in North America. We won't get titles until after Japan does. Currently Laputa: Castle in the Sky and My Neighbors the Yamadas are available in Japan. I have a hard time imagining Disney giving the Yamadas a hi-def release in North America. Still I'll be very much looking forward to Laputa on Blu-ray.

End of Evangelion - On a similar note I don't think an End of Eva Blu-ray is in the cards until Gainax releases one in Japan. With their focus on the Rebuild of Evangelion I don't see it happening for awhile, but it is inevitable. When it comes to Evangelion Gainax isn’t going to leave money on the table.

Perfect Blue - Here's an anime movie that does have a Blu-ray in Japan. Why hasn't it been issued here? I'm pretty sure Manga’s license expired and unfortunately no other company has picked up the rights. I hope one does soon.

Pokémon movies – Yeah I don't see this happening anytime soon. FWIW the fourth through seventh Pokémon are now being distributed by Echo Bridge Entertainment. They might willing to put them out on Blu-ray. I wouldn't hold my breath though.

Now let’s add some more films to the wishlist: Rumble in the Bronx, Jaws, Jackie Brown, Hackers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie, Dick Tracy, Airplane!, The Blues Brothers, Castle of Cagliostro and Millennium Actress. Let's see how lucky I get the second time around.

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