Monday, March 21, 2011

Skeletor Figures I Want In Masters of the Universe Classics

I only recently got into Masters of the Universe Classics and I don't yet have figures of the big two, He-Man or Skeletor. Both characters had a few different variations in the vintage line and with Classics meant to encompass all incarnations of Masters of the Universe there's potential for way more. Mattel has already released some surprising version like Preternia He-Man. Battle Armor Skeletor went on sale on Tuesday and is already sold out. That's not a Skeletor figure I have a great interest in but there are a few that I would like to see. Here are five incarnations of Skeletor I want to see included in Classsics line.

5. Horde Skeletor

This is a sketch for an unproduced figure of Skeletor wearing what appears to be Horde armor. He has his own version of the Horde bat insignia with his face on it. I think we could see this design finally turned into a figure in Masters of the Universe Classics. With Vikor, Mattel has shown they're willing to turn unused concepts into action figures. How will they fit this design into Classics canon? Perhaps it represents Skeletor soon after merging with Demo-Man, hence the more demonic appearance.

4. Laser Light Skeletor

Along with Laser Power He-Man, Laser Light Skeletor was one of the last toys to be released in the original line. They were only made available in parts of Europe. Another thing that makes the figures interesting is how they have a similar aesthetic with the New Adventures toys and act as a bridge between the two eras. In some ways I prefer Laser Light Skeletor to the New Adventures version. I like his cape and hood and the translucent red Havoc Staff.

3. New Adventures Skeletor

I still have to rank New Adventures Skeletor just above Laser Light Skeletor. Skeletor's first figure from the short lived '90s He-Man line has probably the best chance of the variants on this list to actually be made as Classics toy. It'd be a little different from the original with a stockier build. I think Skeletor worked better as a slimmer character than New Adventures He-Man did. Additionally I think it'd be cool if the NA Skeletor figure's staff, instead of being molded in solid gray like the original toy, featured a deco that matched that of the role-play staff.

3. Disk of Doom Skeletor

Technically this is also a New Adventures Skeletor. Disk of Doom Skeletor was his second figure in the line and was incorporated into the cartoon. Although I'm using an image based on the toon, I would greatly prefer a figure based on the original toy. I had it as a kid and I loved the detail in the figure who was even more "cyborgy" than the first NA Skeletor. But most of all I loved the face mask that opened up and revealed a face that strongly resembled the vintage Skeletor toy.

1. "Lifetime" Skeletor

I want a Frank Langella movie Skeletor as much as the next guy, but Mattel doesn't have the rights to the movie and honestly I wouldn't be interested in a "Classic-ized" movie Skeletor. I want a movie Skeletor figure to look like Frank Langella as Skeletor.

You know what figure I would love to see in the Classics line? Skeletor as seen in "Lifetime", a two-part storyline that ran in 12th and 13th issues of the Masters of the Universe comic book published by Star Comics. I only had the second part as a kid but I loved it. In "Lifetime" Prince Adam travels to a future where Skeltor has conquered Eternia. The future Skeletor wore an outfit clearly inspired by the live action movie. A Classics figure based on that design would be a way to pay some homage to the movie as well a pretty cool story from the comics.

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