Friday, April 22, 2011

Big O! Showtime!

Japanese toymaker Max Factory is churning out some merchandise based on The Big O. The series came to an end eight years ago so I can't figure out why that is, but hey let's just roll with it.

Roger Smith's Megadeus has recieved toys in the past. But Max Factory's Big O stands apart from the rest. It's a beast at just under a foot tall and made of diecast. The grapple hooks are on real chains, the chest opens to reveal guns and it comes with a little version of Roger's car. All of it will cost you ove $450.

The Big Fau and Big Duo are also getting figures but they're not quite as impressive. They're meant to be in scale with Big O, but aren't articulated and are made of vinyl. I'd prefer actually these to the diecast Big O, which I'd always be afraid of dropping and damaging both it and the floor. Plus they are more affordable at around $150.

Last but not least is R. Dorothy Wayneright as part of their Figma line. She has a clear standee that allows her to strike some of her dispassionately acrobatic poses. She also comes with her broom and cat Pero. Sadly their doesn't seem to be a disc drive under her headband.


Newtype Sarah said...

She does have a disc drive in her forehead -- it's a swappable part. :D

Anthony said...

Hey awesome. I should never have doubted their attention to detail.