Friday, April 15, 2011

Burger King Chicken Tenders

For the first several years of my life the only thing I would ever eat from Burger King, besides the fries, were their Chicken Tenders. As I got older I moved on to other menu items. Then at some point Burger King changed their Chicken Tenders, from strips to crown shapes. Feeling nostalgic I ordered Chicken Tenders thinking they were the same recipe as the classic Tenders but in wacky shapes and they were not. It's a classic example of not appreciating something until it's gone. Well the cycle has repeated itself and the Chicken Crowns have been replaced with new Chicken Tenders. I was secretly hoping the "new" Tenders were just the "old" Tenders making a comeback.

I was disabused of this notion pretty quick. Not only are Burger King's new Chicken Tenders not the same as the old Chicken Tenders, they're not really chicken tenders. I consider chicken tenders as strips of breaded chicken. These seem to be chicken nuggets which are emulsified bits of chicken.

I ordered the four piece, which costs only a dollar. Only three Tenders are pictured because I was too impatient to take a picture until after I ate one. They also come in eight and twenty piece servings.

So how were they? Not bad. They tasted a bit like frozen chicken nuggets. That might sound unappealing but by comparison the previous crown shaped Chicken Tenders were closer to school cafeteria nuggets. So in that sense they are a big upgrade. They still don't taste like the classic Tenders, but I'm okay with that. Let's be honest I'm probably remembering them as being better than they were. There was a reason I grew out of them in the first place. This batch did seem like they just came out of the fryer. They were warm and peppery which was nice. Considering the dollar price point I can't say I regret giving them a try and I recommend giving them a shot.

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Anonymous said...

The new chicken tenders taste like s***!

They have nasty chunks of who knows what in it. I actually felt sick after three of them.

The health department is failing immensely, how that grinded up s*** gets sold is beyond me :(

Burger King is hopefully soon to be on the chopping block. After finding horse meat in there food, you just can not trust such a greedy, disgusting company.