Friday, July 29, 2011

Comic Con 2011: Action Figures

Sideshow Collectibles, Medicom and Hot Toys have an unholy alliance to deprive sixth scale Star Wars collectors of their money. Sideshow is really outdoing themselves with Battle Droids, Boba Fett, IG-88 and General Greivous. But Hot Toys is just getting started with Bespin Luke who comes with a weather vane to dangle off of. There are pretty high expectations for what Hot Toys will do with the Star Wars license.

A ton of companies have made Army of Darkness merchandise, but I think NECA is the first to tackle Evil Dead 2 and they're doing an amazing job. I love that Deadite Ash comes with Linda's head and Henrietta as a second head with elongated neck.

Another area where NECA is impressing is with their Gremlins line. Phantom of the Opera Gremlin and Electric Gremlin are new reveals. I hope the line is successful enough that we eventually get Spider-Gremlin and Bat-Gremlin.

Mezco's putting out an Earthworm Jim action figure and plush. I don't what the occasion is, (Is there a new EWJ game coming out?) but hey it was a nice surprise.

I have no idea what possessed Diamond Select to make Munsters action figures but I'm glad they did. They look fantastic as do Diamond's figures of the less friendly monsters. The 2012 wave of their Universal Monsters line includes the Phantom (masked and unmasked with a ), the Invisible Man (with and without false facial features), and the Metaluna Mutant form This Island Earth.

I've been waiting for the return of Marvel Legends for a long time but now that they're on their way I'm a bit underwhelmed. I think I'm most excited for Iron Man in his Extermis armor and Heroic Age Thor and not so much the new characters. While I think Arnim Zola is awesome I don't have much interest in the Wrecking Crew or Constrictor.

I really dig Mattel's Golden Age Batman but I didn't know if I should buy yet another Batman figure. If I can find this K-Mart exclusive edition packed with Bat-Mite, than I think I will.

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