Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Still Exist (Barely)

I am now completely moved into my new home. Moving was not an enjoyable experience but now that it's over I can at least try to get back to normal. That isn't easy because the internet has yet to be set up there, so my access to the net is spotty at best. Here's some stuff that happened:
  • Hasbro finally got around to formally announcing the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Marvel Legends Thor action figure and it looks great. Despite really wanting the figure since it was first mentioned, I'm reconsidering it. The pupil-less eyes makes me think this is a repaint (prepaint?) of a Thor figure coming in a mass retail Marvel Legends wave. This early report from the convention floor is a little vague, but it seems to hint at that. That lineup for the first new wave sounds a bit weak, so including Thor would be an improvement.

  • Promotion for the The Dark Knight Rises has begun with the release of a teaser poster and a teaser trailer. I find the teaser trailer a bit dull, even by the standards of teaser trailers. The Dark Knight teaser showed even less, with dialogue snippets playing over the Bat logo but even that managed to be more exciting. The Dark Knight Rises' imagery of the Bat logo amongst the decaying skyscrapers is a little too close to Inception.

  • I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part II opening night at midnight. Every screen at the theater was playing the same movie at the same time and it was completely packed. It was a lot of fun. And the movie was good too. I don't know when or if I'll marathon all eight Harry Potter movies but I definitely want to play both halves of Deathly Hallows back to back when I get the chance.

  • Without the internet or even TV for the first couple of days at my new home I've had to find other ways to entertain myself. This included rewatching the entire first DVD boxset of Batman: The Animated Series. I know the entire world knows this already but Batman: TAS is an awesome, awesome show. I even caught an easter egg I never noticed before at the very end of the Grey Ghost episode, which predates the first Clayface episode.

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