Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Over the Moon

I spotted some Sailor Moon shirts at Hot Topic. (Yes I regularly shop in the women's section at Hot Topic.)

Sailor Moon paraphernalia has pretty hard to come by in North America. The licenses to the various aspects of the franchise were not renewed when they expired a few years ago. And one of the biggest anime and manga series quietly disappeared outside of Japan.

But Sailor Moon has been making a slow comeback in recent years. Several countries in Europe and Latin America have re-acquired the anime series and are rebroadcasting it. As for the North America, Kodansha will be publishing the manga in English via their Kodansha USA branch. Toei has been licensing Sailor Moon for merchandise in the U.S..

Yet there's still no word of a new North American license for the anime series. It's possible Toei's asking price is just too high, or maybe they have conditions that North American anime distributors don't think they can meet. It was expected that someone would announce the license at a convention this summer but that opportunity seems to have passed. Still there's a lot of fans who have their hopes raised quite high. I'd like to see it happen just as much as any of them.

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