Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rage of the Red Preschool Toys

Fisher-Price's Hero World toyline is sort of a successor to their classic Rescue Hero toys, but Hero World also includes the DC Super Friends sub-line. I like the Super Friends toys. They may not have the character selection of DC Universe Classics, but they seem a lot more fun. Until now DC Super Friends were mostly focused on Batman and his rogues with Superman and Hal Jordan thrown into the mix. But yesterday I spotted several Green Lantern vehicles at Toys R Us. I saw Hal Jordan with a jet, Kilowog on a motorcyle and Tomar Re with ...well the website just calls it a vehicle. It looks like a helicopter without a rotor.

On the back of the packages are pictures of some single carded figures, Green Lanterns Sinestro with B'Dg and Red Lanterns Atrocitus with Dex-Starr. I don't think they're out yet. They're not even listed on the website. Sinestro would have been much cooler as a Yellow Lantern but I guess B'Dg makes up for it. Atrocitus and Dex-Starr are insanely awesome. Would it be too much to wonder if Fischer-Price included a blood vomiting feature?

Update 9/30: Here's a slightly better picture of the new figures.

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