Monday, September 26, 2011

Shinkenger Figuarts at TRU

Toys R Us will be selling imported Japanese figures based on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, the series currently being adapted into Power Rangers Samurai. The figures are from Bandai's Figuarts line. The website currently has Shinken Red and Shinken Gold listed for sale for $34.99 each, although neither is actually in stock. They will eventually be sold in stores. In Japan the other Shinkenger Figuarts were only available as exclusives. I hope Toys R Us carries the exclusives as well just so that more people can get a chance at them.

This is pretty awesome. If it were the Gokaiger Figuarts that were being imported I'd probably buy them. Of course we're only getting Shinkenger because of the Power Rangers Samurai tie-in. However there are a lot of Figuarts I would buy if they were less expensive and available locally, such as One Piece and DragonBall Z. Does Bandai of America still have the DragonBall license? I always thought it was odd that Bandai seemed to give up on Dragonball just around the time the series returned to TV in the form of DragonBall Kai.

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