Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ThunderCats 2012 Figures

MTV Geek has the exclusive first look at upcoming six inch ThunderCats figures from Bandai. The new figures include Cheetara and Tygra from the modern series and Lion-O and Mumm-Ra from the classic series. Now the previous classic figures, Lion-O and Tygra, were eight inches. Bandai decided to restart the line at a different scale. I loved the eight inch figures so the scale change is personally disappointing. I understand why Bandai did it. Six inch is a popular scale amongst collectors, and Bandai even chose to use it for the modern ThunderCats figures. Both lines will probably benefit from being compatible scale-wise. The new Lion-O has a head sculpt that looks like he's roaring. It was a good idea to make this Lion-O different from the eight inch one, to lessen the feeling that we're buying the same figure again. Unfortunately the roaring face isn't nearly as good as the one from the eight inch Lion-O.

All that said, the scale change isn't necessarily a deal breaker for me. Hey that Mumm-Ra is awesome. And I do like the idea having both eras of ThunderCats in the same format. Also Bandai did hint that the eight inch line isn't done yet. They hinted at a new figure in the works and that "she is a fan favorite". Fingers crossed for Pumyra! (I know it's Cheetara. Let me have my delusions.)

Updated 11/16: MTV Geek has updated with more new ThunderCats toys. This time they have images of Mumm-Ra's Storm Charger vehicle and the Armor of Omens, a giant lion themed battlesuit for Lion-O.

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