Friday, December 30, 2011

Canceled Action Figure Cavalcade: One Piece

In 2006 Mattel launched a line of toys based on Eiichiro Oda's One Piece. Unfortunately 4Kids' adaptation of One Piece somehow didn't attract much of an audience, and the Mattel line didn't last long. But they had more planned including new figures of Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji and a bare-chested Roronoa Zoro (or rather Zolo as he likely would've been on the package). There's also new characters Portgas D. Ace, Arlong brandishing his teeth in his hands, and Tony Tony Chopper in his Arm Point form. What figures weren't planned were Robin and Nami, in keeping with Mattel's girl-unfriendly policy. That's a reason why I can't say I miss the line all that much.

Mattel's One Piece action figures were split up into a basic figure and deluxe figure lines, with the deluxe figures having more gimmicks than the basic ones. Dubbed the "P-Ripz", each deluxe figure had an action feature implemented by a ripcord. However the deluxe line was a bit unusual in that they were slightly larger size than the basic figures. While the basic figures were around 5 inches the "P-Ripz" were closer to 6 inches. To this day I think that was one of Mattel's more baffling decisions, and that's saying a lot. One Piece was a pretty small line and they chose to split the figures up into two very close but noticeably different scales, with each grouping featuring unique villains and different show-accurate looks for the heroes. The new P-Ripz figures would have been Zoro in a new outfit and Chopper in his Horn Point form.

Mattel's One Piece role play toys are probably better than the action figures. They were planning to release a Luffy mask and a Luffy fist with what I assume was supposed to be a stretchy arm. Actually maybe it's not so bad that these were canceled. They spared me from buying these things and looking ridiculous chasing the cat as I yelled "Gum Gum Jet Gatling!"

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