Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer's End

  • The premiere of Evangelion 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance on Japanese television was followed by a preview for the third movie in the Rebuild of Evangelion series. Evangelion 3.0 Q [Quickening] has been announced for a Fall 2012 release, and that's the Japanese theatrical release we're talking about. So we're looking at 2013 for the North American home video release, if we're lucky. Check out the preview to see a glimpse of Asuka piloting her Eva in a surprising new environment. My guess is it's a crazy re-imagining of the battle against Arael.

  • And here's a trailer for the upcoming Gundam AGE series. There's also some commercials for model kits, lest we forget Gundam's true purpose.

  • Mike Toole has an article up at Anime News Network that really hit close to home for me. It's about the increasing difficulty of trying to collect certain anime titles on DVD. It's really one of those "I think this was created just for me in mind" moments you sometimes enjoy on the internet. But in fact I'm clearly noit alone out there,judging by the multiple pages of reactions to this article on ANN's message board.

  • I'm not quite in a Halloween mood yet myself but I've noticed that Halloween stuff has started to creep into stores. I suppose that is the true sign that Summer drawing to a close. I saw this collection of Jack O'Lantern pails at a KMart.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

All Is Not Right With The World

So this is weird. ADV Films is suing Gainax for the rights to produce live action films based on Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Gainax is the studio that created the Evangelion anime series and ADV distributes the 26 episode TV series, but not any of the animated movies, in North America. And Gainax granted ADV the rights to develop a live action movie based on Evangelion. Pre-production work had begun by Peter Jackson's company WETA Workshop, but it's been a very long time since there was any word on the status of the project. So ADV's option to make the movie expired and Gainax didn't want to renew their deal.

ADV seemingly doesn't think Gainax had the right to do so, saying Gainax deliberately delayed handing off materials so the contract couldn't be renewed in time. Their lawsuit claims that not only is ADV the sole rights holder for a live action Evangelion but that they hold those rights for all time. In fact their demands are both very extensive and oddly specific. ADV believes they have can produce three live action theatrical movies, five TV programs (meaning ongoing series? TV movies?) and three straight to video movies. ADV also wants all inclusive rights to exploit these projects including general merchandise and even a theme park.

This is not the only kerfuffle between an anime distributor and a licensor we've heard of, but this is an odder case. Not only is this news the reemergence of the thought to be forgotten Evangelion movie, but also of the thought to be forgotten ADV. ADV had some financial problems which resulted in them breaking up into a few different smaller companies. The ADV as people knew it no longer exists. The company now using the name ADV may only exist now to claim ownership of live action Evangelion. And probably to shoulder some debt.

If the past is any indicator these disputes of ownership usually mean nothing positive for fans. Any Macross fan can tell you that. This sounds harsh but I for one hope ADV does not win in this lawsuit. I wish no harm towards the company. I was sorry when ADV had the problems that it did, and I'd like to see them to do well in their current form. But I'm afraid that if ADV possessed the rights to make a live action Neon Genesis Evangelion, then they might actually end up making one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Over the Moon

I spotted some Sailor Moon shirts at Hot Topic. (Yes I regularly shop in the women's section at Hot Topic.)

Sailor Moon paraphernalia has pretty hard to come by in North America. The licenses to the various aspects of the franchise were not renewed when they expired a few years ago. And one of the biggest anime and manga series quietly disappeared outside of Japan.

But Sailor Moon has been making a slow comeback in recent years. Several countries in Europe and Latin America have re-acquired the anime series and are rebroadcasting it. As for the North America, Kodansha will be publishing the manga in English via their Kodansha USA branch. Toei has been licensing Sailor Moon for merchandise in the U.S..

Yet there's still no word of a new North American license for the anime series. It's possible Toei's asking price is just too high, or maybe they have conditions that North American anime distributors don't think they can meet. It was expected that someone would announce the license at a convention this summer but that opportunity seems to have passed. Still there's a lot of fans who have their hopes raised quite high. I'd like to see it happen just as much as any of them.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jumbo Breakfast Platter

Jack in the Box is one of the few fast food restaurants to serve their breakfast menu all day, which I appreciate as I'm not usually able to eat breakfast during so-called breakfast hours. Plus sometimes I just like to have breakfast foods later in the day. That's what I did with Jack in the Box's new Jumbo Breakfast Platter.

Jack in the Box's Jumbo Breakfast Platter is a lot like other restaurant's breakfast combos with a few exceptions. It doesn't come with a bread side and the pancakes are mini pancakes, but you get enough of them that it doesn't feel like you're getting any less pancakes than if they were regular sized. In fact mini pancakes aside the platter really lives up to the Jumbo name. I was surprised at what a large portion of scrambled eggs it comes with. The hash browns come in stick form and are also in good supply. You have a choice between sausage or bacon. I went with the sausage patty and even that seemed a bit larger than what you typically get at other restaurants.

Jack in the Box sells the Jumbo Breakfast for $2.99. For something that costs $2.99 and is served all day, the Jumbo Breakfast Platter would have to taste pretty gross for me not to recommend it. Well it doesn't taste bad at all, so if you're looking for a late breakfast than the Jumbo Breakfast Platter is a good choice.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Riding the Cat-Pod

The Dark Knight Rises is currently filming and there's a ton of photos and video being taken from the set. I've looked at quite a bit of it but I kind of regret doing so. I feel like I spoiled a bit of the movie for myself. What constitutes a spoiler can be pretty vague though. I think the set footage is a spoiler to me because it was recorded by fans and not yet intended to be seen by the public at large.

The above picture is of Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman. She's riding Batman's Bat-Pod. Did she steal it from him? Does she have her own Cat-Pod? What are those goggles she's wearing? Is that supposed to be her "mask" or does she have a more cat-like outfit later on? But thinking about these things doesn't bother me because that photo was officially released by the movie studio. They want us asking these questions.

It is a weird line and not set in stone. I've seen plenty of official images and trailers I wish I had never seen. But in this case I find the Anne Hathaway photo intriguing and the other stuff I consider too much information. I'd go into more detail about some of that other stuff but I don't want to spoil it for anybody.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Henry Cavill as Superman

Warner Bros. has released an image of Henry Cavill as Superman in the Zack Snyder directed Man of Steel movie coming in 2013. The costume's colors are too dark and it has a weird "basketball texture" look, but it looks exactly how I'd expect a live action Superman movie costume to look like. There's been so many movie superhero costumes recently that it's all starting to feel pretty similar. So about the costume, I can live with it.

There's something about Cavill himself that feels off. He looks pale and I don't like the grimace, but I think it's the hair that's really bothering me. He has an off center widow's peak and his hair is too puffed up. He looks like Superman as a 1980's businessman.