Monday, January 2, 2012

Twenty Twelve

Now last year I acknowledged that I was blogging less than I'd like to but I specifically kept from promising to change that. Well now you can see why. I made 85 posts in 2011. That's two less posts than in my first year, 2007, and that didn't start until July. So what went wrong? There were some outside factors. I moved to a new house. Internet connectivity has sometimes been spotty. Digital cameras have gone missing. Photobucket accounts have been suspended. I really do not like Blogger's new layout. Mostly though it's just me. I've been having a harder time writing. Or I'll start to write then I get caught up in the re-editing until I decide to give up.

It's no mistake that the last post of 2011 was a Canceled Action Figure Cavalcade entry. I only wrote three all year, including that one. And I already had a couple planned out. The One Piece article started as a draft I began in May. So I forced myself to finish that one before the year ended.

The Canceled Action Figure Cavalcades are some of the most viewed on AFOS. But what was the most popular post in 2011? The first look at Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man costume which was nearly a year ago. The second most popular? Happy Meals. Neither of these got as many views as some posts from before 2011. There's a spike in interest in this Toy Fair 2010 write-up which I think is attributable to a fake picture making the rounds. Yes Bandai said they would make a new Dragonzord. Then Saban bought back the franchise. Obviously the original plans had to be abandoned, and Power Rangers Samurai happened instead. Be happy we at least got a Rita Repulsa figure.

So what about the year ahead? Well I won't promise I'll return to the peak of my output but I'll try to at lease write more than 85 posts. (Oh good, I already set myself up for a fall.) I definitely want to get the haul posts back on track. I haven't been adding them until after the corresponding month ends. The latest one, which will hopefully be up soon, features my Christmas haul. Those used to be posted on the day of Christmas. I've been having real problems with the camera's battery, but I was also too lazy to get it done when I should have. That kind of sums up everything, doesn't it?

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