Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toy Fair 2012

This year's Toy Fair is drawing to a close so here's a small sample of the mountain of cool stuff that caught my eye. The pics are from Action Figure Insider and Cool Toy Review, so go check them out.

Let's get this out of the way, Finn "wearing" Jake from Adventure Time is the best thing to come from this, or any Toy Fair.

One thing I've wanted for years is Mars Attacks action figures based on the original Topps trading cards, and now they're coming from Mezco in time for the 50th anniversary. They're doing two Martians in two scales, although I'm not sure which scales those are exactly. They don't come out until November which seems so very far away from now.

Mattel's The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters look just as good as I expected them to. It will be a six figure line with each packaged with a part to build the Bat-signal, which looks like they had to gussy up so it'd be elaborate enough to split into six pieces. Mattel revealed Batman, Bane and Catwoman and I have a good guess what at least two of the others will be.

Mattel finally announced a Young Justice six inch figure of Superboy in his usual attire. By the time it comes out there will have been eight other figures released before him, including a Superboy wearing the white jumpsuit from his first appearance. Now we only need a Miss Martian figure to complete the core members of the team, and sadly I don't think there's any guarantee Mattel will make her.

And Mattel revealed a bunch of upcoming DC Universe figure that will be available on Matty Collector as part of their new Club Infinite Earths subscription line. I didn't sign up for the subscription but I'll be picking up certain certain figures. Poison Ivy is finally coming later this year and Black Mask was a nice surprise, but neither have set dates. The line launches in April with Jay Garrick as The Flash.

Playmates is relaunching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for what the fifth, sixth time? The figures Playmates are putting out for the new Nickelodeon series look pretty good. Granted they'd be better if they matched the images first revealed by MTV Geek. Those had a paint wash that really brought out the details in the sculpts. The final versions aren't terrible but they're a let down after those first pics. There's still a lot to like about the line particularly the crazy awesome sewer lair playset.

Playmates will also release a six inch classic TMNT line based on the original animated series. The figures are super articulated and come in packaging that mimics the original Playmates toys. I really hope the line eventually sees some other characters like Shredder, April and my favorite Slash, preferably one based on the original toy or the Archie comics and not the animated series.

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