Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time to Customize an Alfie Figure

Well that was fast. Just yesterday I wrote about two Dark Knight Rises figures being revealed by Big Bat Toy Store's listings and today Mattel has offered up pics of both Alfred and "Gotham City Police Department" Blake. Why does Blake's figure need such a description in his name? Is it to differentiate him from another Blake figure coming later? Or is it just so people will have some understanding as to who the heck he is?

Both figures are risking peg warming status. I love Alfred but he doesn't exactly make for an exciting action figure. Blake is more visually appealing being a cop, but he's a new character that people won't know anything about until after the movie comes out. People generally don't want toys of normal looking dudes. I still see a bunch of peg-warming Harvey Dent figures at Toys R Us and the Gordon and Prototype suit Bruce Wayne two-pack is a slow seller. I guess Mattel feels people will buy these to complete the collect and connect Bat-Signal. Check out Matty Collector's news page for more details and a look at the packaging.

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