Monday, April 30, 2012

Comic Con 2012 Exclusive News

BotCon was held in Dallas this weekend. At the convention Hasbro announced some cool stuff, like a new Masterpiece Optimus Prime with a trailer, which helps take a bit of the burn off Wheeljack winning the Hall of Fame fan's poll. (Seriously, I would have bet money on anyone but Wheeljack. And yes I know I shouldn't be so invested in such a meaningless poll.)

Hasbro also announced the Transformers Comic-Con exclusives. They're releasing Bruticus from the upcoming Fall of Cybertron video game. Later this year the individual Combaticons that make up the components of Bruticus will be available single carded in decoes that more closely resemble their classic counterparts. If you want them in the decoes based on the game, then you'll have to get the Comic-Con exclusives. The other exclusive is Terrorcon Cliffjumper from Transformers Prime. The zombified version of Cliffjumper was part of the "first edition" Transformers Prime figures that didn't get an acceptable level of distribution. Now he's coming to Comic-Con in a package shaped like his own head.

Mattel also announced a bunch of Comic-Con exclusives. Their Masters of the Universe exclusive is Vykron who ties into the series' thirtieth anniversary. It's based on the three prototype sculpts originally developed to decide the direction of the line. Vkyron comes with interchangeable pieces to dress him up in barbarian, space, and military garb. You can learn more about him here.

The DC exclusives are pretty varied. There's an eight inch statue of Neil Gaiman's Death, which has caused some consternation amongst people who are only into articulated figures. I have had some experience with Death's fanbase which is both numerous and sort of exists outside of the typical superhero fandom. I totally understand why Mattel would want to target this audience a few of which are probably already going to be at their booth buying the Monster High exclusive.

The other DC exclusives are Polly Pocket dolls as Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. This is the third Polly Pocket exclusive set in a row, but unlike the others these look a little pre-posed. There's a Tiny Titans set that I'm totally fighting the urge to buy. There will be a The Dark Knight Rises exclusive that has yet to be revealed. A six inch scale Tumbler perhaps? I'd be happy if they re-released the Target exclusive Bat-Pod from 2008. Lastly is the Dana Barrett as Zuul from Ghostbusters who I believe was first announced at last year's Comic-Con.

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