Sunday, April 22, 2012

Discotek, DragonBall & Gendo's Beard

  • In the last month Discotek has announced the Captain Harlock TV series, Lovely Complex, Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy, and four Saint Seiya movies. There is no other anime company that gets me as excited as I do with their license announcements. In a world where the anime industry is focusing on streaming current series online, I think Discotek is pretty clever to release some classic titles that have fans who are maybe a little older, have some disposable income and haven't given up on physical media. Even their non-anime releases are impressive. They're bringing over GameCenter CX, a Japanese live action series about classic video games. I've seen an episode and it's pretty great stuff.

  • Funimation seems to have finally sorted out their issues with the former Geneon titles. They've solicited releases of Ai Yori Aoshi and Armitage the III. Those are both re-releases. Hopefully we'll be hearing about some unreleased stuff like the rest of Black Lagoon and Hellsing: Ultimate soon.

  • Somehow DragonBall Z has never been released on DVD in the U.K. That changes in July when Manga U.K will begin releasing the series. Kanzenshuu has an interview with Jerome Mazandarani, the head of marketing and acquisitions for Manga U.K., on their podcast. I found it really fascinating even though I live in the U.S. and has had access to DBZ for years. Check it out.

  • According to Anime News Network, Schick is doing a tie-in with Evangelion. I really hope Shinji's peach fuzz gets addressed.

  • We're less than two weeks away from the release of The Avengers and I don't think Hasbro has officially announced their 6 inch action figure line. Well they're out in the Philippines. Apparently they'll be Walmart exclusives here, which is sucks but isn't surprising. They look great but there's no Black Widow, Iron Man is just a repaint of a previous figure and Thor's figure is based on his solo movie. There's no member of Loki's army either but they are coming in the 3.75 inch line. Hasbro is also releasing Miles Morales as Ultimate Spider-Man in both scales. The 3.75 inch Miles is a variant in the Marvel Universe line. We don't know how the six inch one is being released but he comes with the same type of base as the 6 inch Avengers. Maybe it's part of a yet to be seen 6 inch Amazing Spider-Man line?

Updated 4/23: Well it looks like my hunch was right; the six inch Ultimate Spidey figure is will be part of a *sigh* Walmart exclusive assortment. I bet it will be like Walmart's lines for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger last year and be a mix of comic and movie based figures. So it's the first sign six inch Amazing Spider-Man Spidey and Lizard figures could be in the works.

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