Thursday, May 31, 2012

No Joe

I haven't posted anything in awhile, so let's try to play catchup.
  • Paramount pushed back G.I. Joe Retaliation from its June 29th release date next month to March 29th 2013. Paramount had their reasons to pull this move. They wanted to convert the film to 3D. They wanted to move away from this over crowded summer. They probably regretted not giving Channing Tatum more screen time before they unceremoniously killed him off. That's all terribly interesting but more importantly what's going on with the toys? Hasbro has delayed the later (better) waves until next year, but there's already plenty of Retaliation merch out there. I'll be curious to see what happens with that stuff. If Hasbro has halted shipping new product than these toys could end up being scarce, but that could only happen if there's demand for the stuff and without a movie to promote them. It should make for an interesting experiment, which is probably the wrong perspective to take on this situation.

  • So Toonami came back. I was never completely on board the "Bring Back Toonami" campaign. The "new" Toonami could never be like the original Toonami. I'm not sure what the fans expected. Did they want classic series like the April's Fools Night broadcast? Nostalgia is nice but repeats of older shows would lose novelty fast. And there would have been rights issues, something that already affected the April's Fools Night broadcast. Personally I wouldn't have been interested in repeats of classic Toonami shows, as I own most of those series already. What we could have realistically expected was a rebranded [adult swim] Saturday block, something that probably wouldn't do much to boost viewership thus only serving to hurt the Toonami brand. And that's the situation we now find ourselves in. On the plus side we did at least get two new series, Casshern Sins and Deadman Wonderland. They strike me as odd selections, but not surprising as a good deal of [adult swim]'s anime acquisitions have been quite odd. The high concept Deadman Wonderland is at least bizarre enough to potentially shape up into something memorable.

  • Shout Factory will be releasing a slew of horror titles through their new label Scream Factory. Scream Factory's first releases will be Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch on Collectors Editions Blu-ray disc and DVD with brand new extras. They'll follow those up with releases of They Live, Phantasm II, The Funhouse, Terror Train and more. Curiously Universal released Halloween II on Blu-ray last year. Maybe this sets means that Scream Factory can get a crack at another Universal title that could use a double-dip, The Thing.

  • Mattel's The Dark Knight Rises line was recently releases and has had a number of surprises. At K-Mart the Movie Masters figure come bundled with Bat-vehicle blueprints. Toys R Us has an exclusive two-pack with shirtless Bane and a battle damaged Batman with a cloth cape and Wal-Mart has an exclusive Jim Gordon figure with a shattered Bat-Signal piece. People have been finding a "goggles-down" variant of Catwoman. I'm not sure if I'd prefer that or the "goggles-up" version, but I'd be happy to find either.

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Gabriel said...

I heard they took the Joe toys off the shelf as soon as it was delayed. Some stores like Toys R Us had them on shelves a week early before they were supposed to be released.