Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Classic Anime, Classic Monsters and More Con Exclusives

Hoo boy, there's a lot of stuff I'd like to cover. Let's get through this.
  • Japan is bringing the love to those of us who grew up in the '90s. The 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon will bring with it an all new series to launched worldwide. I'm really excited for this, but it will probably be a long time before we know any real details.

    That's not all, a new DragonBall Z film is in the works. Toei will release the movie on March 30th in Japan. Series creator Akira Toriyama is participating in the production. Apparently this is the most he's been involved with a DragonBall anime as he'd mostly stuck with creating his manga and providing the occasional character design.

    There's also going to be a new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure TV series. Jojo's is another long running staple of Shonen Jump that has somehow never had a TV adaptation, although it did have an OVA that was released in the U.S. by Super Techno Arts.

  • Universal has announced the Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection, a Blu-ray boxset of eight of the classic Universal Monster films. The set has Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Creature From the Black Lagoon and the talkie remake of The Phantom of the Opera starring Claude Rains. The set also has the Spanish version of Dracula and the 3D version of Black Lagoon as extras. What isn't included is the silent version of Phantom starring Lon Chaney or any of the many sequels besides Bride of Frankenstein. The Universal Monsters on Blu-ray has been one of my holy grails. This is definitely a set I plan on getting and I hope Universal eventually releases more classic horror on Blu-ray, or at least sub-licenses them to Scream Factory.

  • Bandai will have their first Power Rangers Comic-Con exclusive this year and it's a nice one. It's a boxset of the Super Mega Rangers, except for the Red Ranger who's in Mega Shark mode. They all have metallic paint jobs and with fully painted Mega Blade accessories, and coolest of all they all come with their Megazord cockpits. This set is being limited to only 300 pieces and will be sold at the Namco Bandai booth.

  • The Bridge has offered up a first look at their upcoming toyline for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which will be coming in 3.75" and 6" scales. They're not bad looking particularly if these images are of the smaller 3.75" figures. They will also have a Comic-Con exclusive Invisible Bilbo figure for sale at the Gentle Giant booth.

  • DC Collectibles (formerly known as DC Direct) will be debuting a new 3.75" line at Comic-Con. The debut figures are Kyle Rayner and Kilowog in a two-pack that will be sold at the Graphitti Designs booth. They look really great. Unfortunately it seems that DC Collectibles will only be selling their 3.75" figures at conventions. Good luck collecting that line. So what do they have cooking for general release? A $90 Darkseid action figure. No thanks.

  • Playmates' new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures are hitting stores. I'm very impressed by the Turtles based on the upcoming Nickelodeon series. I'm not sure which I prefer, those or the 6" classic Turtle figures aimed at collectors. There will be an exclusive repaint of Leonardo in a Night Shadow deco at Comic-Con at the Nickelodeon booth. This is in addition to the 10" Turtle figures Toys R Us will be selling as part of their many Comic-Con exclusives.

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