Sunday, July 29, 2012

So Comic-Con Happened

And I was there to see some of it. I had a pretty great time this year, even by the standards of Comic-Con awesomeness. Things got less awesome when I got home. Scrounging around in a single room with thousands of people isn't great for ones' health.

I took a bunch of pics at the Con, most of which came out terrible. Here's a bunch of pics that are somewhat passable.

Square Enix had a pretty elaborate setup for their Play Arts Kai line. They really seem to be amping the line up with figures in the pipeline for Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter, Arkham City including a Frank Miller inspired Batman, and Cowboy Bebop which has been long overdue for some action figures. Still there's no denying that the best they had on display was Kingdom Hearts' Sora and Riku in Tron gear. I still can't bring myself to take the plunge on the line. mostly because of the price and partly because they have terrible knee joints.

I was really excited to see Hasbro's new Marvel Legends figures and while I wasn't disappointed, I wasn't really blown away either. There's no Build-A-Figure in the third 2012 wave and the Build-A-Figures in 2013 will be mini-figures. I rarely put together Build-A-Figures so it doesn't really affect me much either way, but for what it's worth Hit-Monkey is more appealing to me than Terrax.

I would also like to see a new classic Captain America, even one that's just a redeco of US Agent from wave three. I might have to settle for the upcoming Ultimate Cap. It's the same guy but with more pockets and jingoism.

I think Comic-Con was the first time Hasbro officially acknowledged the existence of the six inch Amazing Spider-Man figures. They've already turned up overseas so we've known they were coming for awhile. These are Wal-Mart exclusives, as all six inch Marvel movie figures unfortunately are these days. The unmasked Spider-Man was a brand new reveal and I prefer it to the masked version, mostly because the masked version's sculpt looks not quite right.

This photo is of some excellent Tenth Doctor and the "Doctor's Wife" cosplayers. I didn't take any cosplayer photos at Comic-Con compared to Anime Expo. Part of it is that there's more distractions, but the AX cosplaying tends to be more impressive.

Okay so there's a lot of drama going on around Masters of the Universe Classics and how it's not meeting the necessary subscription rates to continue further. I'm not enough of a fan to start mourning the line but I'm still sorry to hear about this news. I had a weird experience at the Con, staring at display trying to figure out who some of these new characters are. I guess that's part of the problem, but new doesn't mean bad and I think it's lame that more people out there would rather have Ram Man than more interesting looking goons like the Fighting Foe Men, Fang Man or Castle Grayskullman.

People complain about the crowds at Comic-Con but it wasn't too bad this year. One mob of people I did experience was the crowd taking pictures of this Posion Ivy statue at the Sideshow booth. I can't judge.

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