Monday, October 29, 2012

Canceled Action Figure Cavalcade: House of the Dead & Resident Evil

In 2000 the now defunct Palisades Marketing released a wave of action figures based on the zombie light gun game, The House of the Dead. The figures seemed to be specifically based on The House of the Dead 2, whose Sega Dreamcast port I can personally vouch as being a pretty awesome game. I liked the figures when they came out, but I passed on them. Like so many other collector focused lines in the early Aughts, they were just too dang expensive for younger me. That sounds like a pretty silly excuse when you take into consideration the prices we pay for toys today.

I suppose too many other people passed on Palisades figures, because a second wave never made it to shelves. The second series would have includes Zeal and Kuarl who together are the first boss in HotD2. Also in the wave was zombie Bob who looked like he had a removable stomach feature, Magician who was the game's fifth boss, who I didn't recognize because I never got that far in the game, and lastly is Chariot who is actually a boss from the first House of the Dead game.

I have to admit I'm surprised there were any House of the Dead action figures as it's a somewhat obscure game series. Especially compared to Resident Evil which Palisades had more success with, releasing three waves of figures based on the survival horror games. The first wave was to include Jill Valentine based on Resident Evil 3 but she was bumped for Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2. Palisades' reasoning? They were doing RE3 Jill as a vinyl statue and didn't want to do too much Jill too soon. (That didn't stop them from releasing Nemesis as a figure and a statue back to back.) They never did get back around to Jill, only revealing concept art for the figure.

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